UHP Cutting and Blasting

UHP Cutting and Blasting

Ultra-high pressure (UHP) cutting and blasting services utilizing water jet technology is available when cutting techniques are not ideal or are ineffective.

Ultra-high pressure may be beneficial to use when stripping layers of tar from piping, boiler striping for ultrasonic (UT) inspection, concrete removal, hydro-demolition and refractory removal. UHP cutting can be employed where flame cutting cannot be attempted due to environmental or facility conditions

  • Features
  • Automated systems remove operator from blast area
  • Ultra-high pressures up to 40,000 psi
  • Magnetic track system with multiple configurations
  • Precision cuts on up to 6-inch steel while ensuring reuse of removed cutout
  • No heat is generated during the cutting process which eliminates metallurgical or environmental damage
  • Adjustable speed cutting
  • Benefits
  • Environmentally safe cutting abrasive
  • Only cuts targeted material
  • Water used can be recycled
  • Eliminates ignition of flammable materials
  • No additional start hole required
  • Reduces airborne contaminants
  • Removes technician from blast area

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